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Reverend Dennis W. Wiley: A Journey Towards Inclusiveness

"Reverend Dennis W. Wiley: A Journey Towards Inclusiveness" is the first documentary from The UNLEARNing Project® which tells the personal story of Dr. Reverend Dennis W. Wiley's voyage towards implementing an affirmative, inclusive and human-centered philosophy within one of the oldest African-American churches in Washington, D.C. 

Along with his wife, Co-Pastor Reverend Dr. Christine Y. Wiley, their mission to extend human kindness, uplift women's rights, a practice of inclusive unity towards the LGBTQ community and empowering historically oppressed groups through humanist Christian education has impacted the lives of residents within the District of Columbia in outstanding ways. Having opened their doors to LGBTQ members and affirming their right to worship and live, as well as love openly, Reverend Dennis and Reverend Christine Wiley have ushered in a model of social justice work that uses religion as a tool to advance the human and civil liberties of historically marginalized communities. 

For more information about The Covenant United Baptist Church of Christ, please visit their website and join their humanist mission!