The UNLEARNing Project®

The UNLEARNing Project® LLC is a social transformation initiative that develops multimedia tools and educational resources to unlearn racism, sexism and homophobia. 

Rooted in social change and human-centered education, The UNLEARNing Project® LLC enables users to exchange information and materials related to social and cultural issues in an effort to UNLEARN the varying stigmas, prejudices and resulting discriminations existing in the forms of racism, sexism and homophobia. 

The UNLEARNing Project® LLC, publisher of the revolutionary book, "BREAKING BITCH: Dismantling the LIES to Reclaim Your TRUTH," develops and leads rigorous, engaging and progressive seminars and workshops on the interconnected themes regarding the "culture of bitch" including, a) colloquial misogyny, b) the mass media production, exploitation and capitalization of the "bitch narrative," c) representation, cultural identity and women of color in media, and d) the weaponization of "bitch" via Street Harassment to national organizations, corporations, youth and high school groups, advocacy associations and non-profits and provides sustainable empowerment techniques to overturn and disable widespread misogynistic language at the individual and structural levels. 

Together, we can all make the world a more just, livable, unified and harmonious place using the power of technology and media to UNLEARN that which keeps us separate.