No BITch here project©



No BITCH Here Project© Interviews: Part 1

Meet the dynamic and powerful Goddesses of Washington, D.C. as they analyze and discuss the "bad bitch" phenomenon, the ongoing patriarchal and sexist misrepresentations of women in mass media, the importance of authentic and affirmative representation of women and girls, the definition of "bitch" and evolution of it's polarizing meanings. 


No BITCH Here Project© Interviews: Part 2

Watch the powerful Goddesses of Washington, D.C. speak to the painful reality of the term "bitch" and how it impacts children and youth, their personal experiences being called "bitch," the power and influence of words and the normalization of hate speech. 

No BITCH Here Project© Interviews: Part 3

Watch the final video of the fierce Goddesses of Washington, D.C. reflect on their identities and the affirmative terms they use to adorn themselves and their visions and hopes for our future in dismantling dehumanizing and sexist language.